Strategic Art Films

The CB/CV Chapter of AUSA sponsors the Strategic Art Film Program to contribute to the overall U.S. Army War College experience for students, staff and faculty.

The purpose of this program is to offer quality films that are both enjoyable and offer insight into selected episodes in the evolution of warfare from antiquity to the present.  A series of classical films, addressing strategic and operational themes, are generally shown on Tuesday afternoons, starting at 4:30 pm (normally finished by 6:30 pm), in one of two locations:

A discussion period moderated by a faculty instructor familiar with the period and issues addressed follows each film.  The Association of the U.S. Army supports the program which is open to the public.  There is an advertisement for each film on the Digital Signage and Spotlight found on the U.S. Army War College internal CBnet.  For more information about the SAF program, please contact LTC Jim DiCrocco, .

WaterlooParis 1919Lawrence